Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In the midst of, Sanja Matsuri festival it was hard to hear anything else. Thousands of Japanese groups carrying the shrine through the streets, shouting, showing off their culture. Nothing else could be heard. It, seemed like the whole Japan was walking on the streets.

But, still the landing of planes signalled the comeback of several Japanese citizens. In, all these faces their were several new faces walking, trying to blend in. Some, were just tourists. While, others did not know what they were going into.

The leather shoes had just crossed the, Airport gate. The suit symbolised that the person was of a upper status. His eyes constantly kept on looking at the, Rolex watch stuck on his hand.

'Taxi!', he screamed.

Between all the noise, it didn't look like that any taxi was going to be coming.

The man had realised that, and started to walk his way through the crowd. But, this wasn't like the normal crowd. It was different. There were people with full body tattos.

The leather shoes had to stop. There was something poking the coat.

'Move to the side!'

'Look if you want money......'

'Michael. Do, as we tell you.'

How do they know his name? Michael's eyes started to look around in fear. It didn't take a minute until, Michael's face was covered with a chloroform invested cloth. His, eyes started to close. Mind, started to succumb into darkness.

'Wake him up!'

'Yes, Wakagashira.'

Cold droplets of water started to hit, Michael's face. He started to gain conscience.

Michael - Where.....Where am I?

Wakagashira - Where?...That is not the question you should be asking...Why?...That is.

Michael - You don't know what I can...

Wakagashira - You can't do anything, Mr. Michael Shank. I am the one holding the gun right now. Whatever, I say goes. There are 45 men in this room right now. All, capable of filling your body with countless bullets, that your blood will have to find it's way out.

Michael - Listen, you son of a....

Wakagashira's hand moved and a cold blade came on Michael's neck.

Wakagashira - Talk with respect to the first lieutenant. Or, I will cut your body, and hang it on the streets.

Fear started to take over, Michael's mind. This was a serious situation.

'Wakagashira, Oyabun wants to see you.'

Wakagashira - Guard him!

Michael's eyes started to look around. He saw, some men getting tattoed. Guns being taken away. And, a group of young girls chained. The tears of young girls started to rip, Michael's heart. But, he himself was helpless.


A voice alarmed him and, Michael's attention went towards the stairs where a black suited man followed by Wakagashira and two other men was stepping down.

Oyabun - Welcome, Mr. Shank. Any difficulty finding the headquarters of Yamaguchi - gumi.

Michael's mouth did not move but his eyes kept looking at the cigar being smoked by the Oyabun.

Oyabun - Your fragile mind must be full of many questions. And, you also must be shocked to see, so many Japanese speaking, 'English'. We have to learn it, Mr. Shank. It is all done for business....Oh, yes...Our, business. Who are we? What do we do? We are a clan of Yakuza. The name of our family is Yamaguchi - gumi. And, we do everything. Right, now I am going to make you an offer. Sign, this contract and you will be free. Free to smell the fresh air and see the daylight of your life again. And, if you don't, I will put your life in such a darkness that you will wish you were given an easy death.

Before, Michael could say something the silence was broken by the dogs, holded by two men.

Oyabun - My dogs are hungry, Mr. Shank. Each one of them.

The, heart inside the suit seemed it was going to jump out. If, Michael didn't speak now, he would never be able to speak again.

Michael - What...Contract?

Oyabun - You are here to settle the deal between your company and the Yamashiro company. You are the head of the board of stockholders. Now, your job is to right now sign this contract, making us the owner of your stocks. Hurry, Mr. Shank, your sweat is ruining your perfect suit...And, my dogs are becoming impatient.

Michael's eyes looked at the contract and then at the Oyabun. His, cigar was almost over. The ashes falling on the table could have had been, Michael's body falling apart piece by piece.

His, hand moved and the Contract paper got filled with red ink.

Oyabun - Well, done Mr. Shank. Let's settle this deal with a glass of sake. Ane-San.

A woman was bringing two glasses.

Oyabun - This is my wife. Now, drink the sake, Mr. Shank.

Michael's trembling hands picked up the glass.

Oyabun - It's not poison, Mr. Shank. Take a sip. Good for your heart.

Michael, somehow gulped a sip down.

Oyabun - Now, we switch glasses.

Ane-San took, Oyabun's glass and started to walk towards Michael. Michael's eyes rolled towards the knife still sitting on the table after his first encounter with Wakagashira. Michael's fear started to turn into hope. He grabbed the knife and got hold of Ane-San. Knife resting on her throat. His, hands were still shaking. Heartbeat getting faster. Nerves ready to pop out of the brain.

Michael - Don't....Don't...Move!

Each and every men in that room ready to make a move, but Oyabun's hand had stopped them.

Oyabun - I will give you a chance, Mr. Shank. Get out of here, until I finish my cigar and if you can't.......Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Michael - I have your wife as a hostage, and you are laughing at me.

Before, Michael could move back one more step a sword came onto his back.

'Drop the knife, or my sword bathes in blood today!'

This, man was serious. Michael would not be able to escape alive. Knife hit the floor. Ane-San moved away from, Michael.

Oyabun - Ah...My second lieutenant. You shall be rewarded.

Shateigashira - Your service is my reward, sir.

Oyabun - And for you, Mr. Shank..........Yubitsume!

Yubitsume, or the cutting of one's finger, was a form of penance or apology. Upon a first offence, the transgressor must cut off the tip of his left little finger and hand the severed portion to his boss. Sometimes an underboss may do this in penance to the oyabun if he wants to spare a member of his own gang from further retaliation.

Several, men holded Michael while Wakagashira got ready.

Oyabun - I know you will not cut your own finger.

Wakagashira walked towards, Michael.

Wakagashira - Ready?

The sword came down and the room filled with shouts of pain. Michael's little finger was lying on the ground with blood around it. Blood was still dripping from, Michael's hand.

Oyabun - Normally, I would stop after this, Mr. Shank. I have a heart too. But, you have touched my wife. This crime has no punishment. Only, freedom is your punishment.

Oyabun, gave a signal and the men got ready. Several, guns aimed at Michael.

Michael - No....Please....Don't.

Oyabun - There is no wrong place or a wrong time. There are just wrong people. And, you are one of them. You must be set free.

Cigar hit the ground and several bullets found a way into, Michael's body. His suit's colour changed into red.

Sanja Matsuri was over. But, there was still a crowd gathered around a wall. But, this time they were staring at a body. Body of Michael Shank. And, written in blood on the wall was a message, 'Yakuza'.

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