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Tape 88

Tape 88

“What did you gift her on your marriage anniversary?” said the man whose shaky hand was constantly looking at his wrist watch.

“I got her a sweater with blue and white stripes. I even took the effort to engrave my message on the sweater saying, ‘Be my bad girl, you curvy booty queen.’ It’s whatever you know.”

 The man’s face was leaking sweat as if a hot coal was being rubbed on his face. Wiping his face with a handkerchief, he said, “Did she like it? Does she wear it around?” His eyes were still glued onto the wrist watch.

“Oh. She hated it. The bi**h gave it to our dog. He runs around in it and when I take him to the park, the little bastard shows it off with pride while his homo dog friends sniff his ass.”

“It’s….t..t…t…ti..time!” It seemed that the man was about to burst up like a pressure cooker, his beating heart wanted to break through the fabrics of an Armani suit that he was wearing. 

With his eyes closed, he took out his wallet and opened it to take a look at his happy little family portrait. Then with the other hand, he quickly took out 2 capsules from his coat pocket, placing 1 on his friend’s palm.

Engaging #47012 and #65020………

“Screw you!”

5:15 – Climb the hill.

6:30 – Swallow Capsules.

6:40 – After effect, protect metals.

6:45 – Wait for signal.

7:00 – Wear the masks.

------------------- (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) ----------------------

Director00 and his wife were on their way to their next film location where the shoot of their planned horror film was going to take place. Director’s eyes were fixed on the road while his wife, Kaya massaged his head, constantly pulling out the white strands of hair.

Kaya – “You need to dye your hair or get a new haircut. The ratio of white to black is higher on your head. The black strands look like voyagers stuck on the white surface of Antarctica.”

Director00 – “I’m thinking about getting a Mohawk. How cool would that look?”

The couple’s conversation was halted by a police check post. An Inspector approached the car signalling the Director to lower his window.

“Good Evening Sir and Ma’am. If you are heading towards Lohapatti, you will have to pick a hotel for the night because all the roads towards Lohapatti have been blocked. May I give you directions towards the nearest hotel?”

Director00 – “Actually, we’re going to the Lajpat State Hospital, the abandoned asylum.”

Following the Inspector’s instructions to the asylum, the car was back on the road. Two hours of journey was enough to tire out the car. As soon as the couple reached the asylum, the car’s fuel tank had drained. Unaware of the car’s condition the couple made their way into the asylum. Lajpat State Hospital was built in 1992 to hold the rejected mental patients who were beyond treatment.

Director00 – “This is it. The beginning of the apocalypse, the cemetery, my messed up torture room, my sex house full of penetrating knives and beheaded corpses. I’m going to dedicate my film to Satan. I’m the messenger of Lord Satan….F**k it…..I am Satan. I am the monster with 21 freaking faces and you, Kaya will see my three of my visions…RIGHT NOW!”

Maybe it was the air in the atmosphere or the eagerness to start shooting his film but something sinister had just transformed the Director into something…Something unexplainable. His behaviour was crossing the lines of erratic and transforming him into a sane lunatic. Kaya couldn’t recognize her husband and was becoming frightened due to the Director’s antics. One moment he would be a psycho and in a second he would switch back into his normal, calm self.

Director00 – “Kaya. What’s wrong? You act like you have just seen a ghost. Maybe it’s the journey. You look tired. Not to worry, we are here in our film room.”

There was a T.V. in the film room showing a view of the asylum. The asylum had cameras attached on the walls, constantly updating the T.V. screen with live images from an operation room. There were three people in each of the rooms, trapped.

Kaya – “What the hell? Who are these people? When did you set all of this up? Are they actors? Honey, I thought we just came here to analyze the location of our upcoming film. I know it’s a horror film, but you can cut being scary with your wife.”

Director00 – “Sit down. They’re just actors. I thought this was a pretty good surprise. And my psycho speech as I entered this asylum, man that was gold. I thought we could make this film as realistic as possible. So, as you can see this place is wired with cameras recording us and those actors. The actors are trapped in their respective rooms with no way out. Now it’s time for the short segments before we move onto the actors’ fate. I’m going to start with our first segment. Oh and their names. The girl in the bathroom is Anna, the dude in asylum’s recreational ward which now looks like a typical Middle Class Drawing Room is Nitik and the operation room guy is….Well that will be revealed after. In case you are wondering about the drawing room in an asylum. You can see I worked quite hard to renovate this place.”

Segment 1 – Expiry Date

Apne office mein baithe Dr. Ankush Malhotra ka ye hiss din ka aakhiri interview tha. Subah se unhe naa jaane kitne news channels se phone aa chuke the. Pratapgarh ke shehar mein Ankush ne kaafi jaldi hi popularity haasil kar Ii thi jiska reason tha unke dwara kiye gaye operations. Around 100+ operations kar chuke Dr. Ankush ke patients mein se koi bhi zinda nahi bacha. Operation ke kuch hi din baad unke patient ki death ho jaati aur aisa kai baar hone par, jab 1 – 2 patients ki autopsy ki gayi to uss mein unke kai vital organs laapta nikle. Media ne Ankush ko Dr. Dracula ka title de diya tha. Aur aaj wo apne khilaaf darj cases se saaf nikal gaye the, kyunki court ne bhi unhe azaad kar diya tha aur yeh isiliye huya tha kyunki Ankush ne apni surgeries ka ilzaam hospital ki head nurse Julie par daal kar usse faansi ka rasta dikha diya tha. Ab, Ankush apne black market – organ racket waale paison se foreign ka tour lagane jaa rahe hain. Yeh unka aakhiri interview hai.

“Sir, aapko court ne bhi guilty nahi maana. Par aap apne patients ki families ko kuch kehna chahenge?”

Ankush – “Mujhe unke loss ka bahut gehra afsos hai and I pray to God to not punish the patients’ souls for Julie’s crimes. Now, excuse me. I’m getting late for my flight.”

Plane ke take off karte hi Ankush ko neend aa gayi. Takreeban do ghante baad jab Ankush ki aankh khuli, plane crash ho raha tha. Ankush ka head uske saamne waali seat par laga aur wo behoshi ke aagosh mein doob gaya. Dekhte hi dekhte Plane ke bigdte santulan ne dono wings ko hi ukhaad phenka aur plane jungle ke beecho – beech pahunch ke shaant ho gaya. Ankush ko hosh aaya, plane mein woh akela tha. Aas – Paas ke passengers, flight crew, sabka koi nishaan nahi. Iss se Ankush ki tension aur badh gayi aur who apni seat se nikal kar exit door ki taraf daud gaya. Economy class ki seats ko paar karte huye Ankush, First Class mein pahuncha jahan uski nazar wheelchair par baithe ek paralyzed bujurg aadmi par gayi. Ankush ko plane se nikalne ki jaldi thi par bahar ki situation na pata hone ka darr zyada tha.

Paanch din Ankush plane ki confinement mein, saath laye gayi food supply se guzara karta raha joki ab khatam ho chuki thi. Wheelchair par baithe vradh ko ghoorte Ankush ka dhyaan toota jab achanak plane door khul gaya. Ankush mein na jaane kahan se itni furti aayi ki apni bedum ho chuki taangon ko lekar usne bahar jump kar diya. Plane lower angle par hone ke kaaran plane se ground tak ka distance kaafi kum ho gaya tha. Makkhiyon ki bhinn - bhinn ne Ankush ka dhyaan jhaadiyon ki aur kheencha jahan ek hiran ka shatigrast shav pada tha. Bekabu ho chuki bhookh se peedit Ankush jhat se us par kuda aur hiran ka pet phaad kar uska liver bahar nikal liya. Ek nivale ke baad hi Ankush ne ulti kar di.

Plane mein abhi bhi maut sa sannata Chaya huya tha. Ankush ki neend khuli. Paseene se bheeg chuke Ankush ke dimaag ne usse chain dilaya ki woh ek sapna tha. Bhookh abhi bhi barkarar thi. Ankush ka dhyaan wheelchair par baithe vradh ki taraf gaya. Dil ko mazboot kar usne knife uthaya aur vradh ki chaati ko cheer diya. Bade dhyaan se liver ko bahar nikal liya. Iss se pehle ki kuch aur hota, ek haath ne Ankush ke kandhe ko jakad liya. Ankush ne peeche mudke dekha to uska shareer jad ho gaya. Peeche khoon se lathpath uske patients khade the.

“Doctor. Dekho na mere pet mein bada dard ho raha hai.”

Ek Patient ke itna kehte hi ek aurat ne apni jeebh ukhad Ankush ki aur phenk di. Wahan par khade ek bacche ne apna haath se apne maans ko faad kar apni ek kidney alag kar li. Baaki patients ne bhi apna ek – ek organ alag kar liya.

“Yeh sab expire ho chuke hain. Ab baari tumhari hai.”

Ankush kuch bol paata, uss se pehle hi woh vradh bol pada.

“Beta, yeh chaaku to mere dil se nikal lo. Kaafi takleef de raha hai.”

“Sir, uthiye Plane land karne waala hai!”

Air Hostess ki awaz ne Ankush ko uthaya. Uski shirt paseene se bheeg chuki thi. Sab passenger apni – apni seats par barkrar the.

“Yeh lijiye juice.”

Ankush ne jaise hi juice ki ek ghunt pi, uski aankhein Air Hostess ke chehre ko dekh jad ho gayin, nasein kheenchne lagin, aur munh se ek dheemi awaz nikli.

Ankush – “Julie…Tum…”

Ankush ne gala pakad liya, shayad kuch phans gaya tha. Julie ka haath uske gale mein ched karta huya pravesh kar gaya. Ankush ke gale se khoon ka sailab aa gaya. Julie ne haath bahar nikala aur Ankush ke haath mein ek kenchi thama di.

Julie – Iss Flight ke passengers ka operation nahi karoge. Woh kya hai na, inn sab ke chehre expire ho gaye hain.

Marte huye aankhon ki putliyan plane ki cockpit ki taraf dekh rahi thin. Sab passengers ke chehre gayab the aur sab taali baja rahe the. Plane, crash ho raha tha.

Contact with #19927 established.

Director00 – “How was that? Save your reviews for later baby. Now let the killings begin…..”

Kaya – “How is she going to die?”

Victim # 1 – Anna

Anna’s Story – The Bathroom Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nervous Anna was staring at her reflection in the mirror above the sink. Her dark hair complemented her white skin. She noticed a sticker above the toilet that read, “Please don’t flush because the toilet often clogs.” That’s strange! Why would she need to flush the toilet? She’s only here to film her role and she’s getting paid minimum wage for this. Her emotion of confusion quickly transformed into fear as a hand reached out of the toilet bowl. Soon a face emerged out of the toilet bowl covered with feces. In a flash a male zombie was standing face to face with Anna with feces splattered all over his body like a sun screen.

Watching this live on her monitor screen, Kaya whimpered into the Directors arms.

Kaya – “I thought they were actors. Those zombies look real.”

Director00 – “Special effects! Those actors just have heavy make up on.”

In the bathroom the situation had officially hit the shit. Five more zombies made their way out of the toilet bowl. Anna’s already frightened face was crying for help. She was like a goldfish in the midst of piranhas. There was another zombie crawling out of the toilet bowl, he reached his hands on the floor to make a grip but before he could do anything else Anna quickly closed the cover of the bowl, trapping him.

Anna – “You are all actors right. I only did that to add some intensity into the scene.”

The zombies started walking towards her. Anna started moving back towards the bath tub. The half – zombie stuck within the toilet bowl grabbed her ankle causing her to trip and hit her face hard on the marble floor. The zombie’s hand was clenched on Anna’s ankle. Toilet bowl zombie growled ripping apart her foot. Anna let out a blood curdling scream. The blood started spreading on the floor. The smell of the blood was enough to send the standing five zombies into a frenzy but one of them was too eager to start his lunch. He dashed towards Anna, but before he could grab her the group leader smashed his head in the sink mirror. He signalled the zombies. The zombies grabbed Anna’s intact ankle and pulled her across the puddle of blood, leaving bloody trails all over the marble. The five zombies formed a circle around Anna. The Zombie Leader entered their circle and stripped off his already torn pants. He inserted his dick inside Anna and started penetrating her. The remaining zombies started hollering and hooting. Anna’s tears were never ending. The zombies was stuck to Anna’s body like a leech. There was a piece of glass lying in Anna’s reach from the smashed mirror. Her fingers walked towards the glass without attracting any attention. The rest of the zombies were too busy watching this monstrosity. Anna strengthened her grip on the glass piece, brought it close to the zombie’s head and with a quick strike the dagger like glass piece struck the marble floor penetrating Anna and the zombie’s necks. Anna had committed suicide.The zombie got up stared at his team mates and they all started glancing at the camera.

Kaya had placed the Director’s arms across her eyes. This blood shed was too disgusting for her.

Kaya – “Is it over…That poor girl. She’s still on the floor. Is she hurt for real?”

Director00 –“Don’t worry. She’s still in character. Now let’s approach our Segment 2. Shall we?”

Segment 2 – The Cannibal Café

“How much?”

The shopkeeper weighed the purchased packet.

“Let’s see. Its 3lb and the rates have been increased since last week. That will be $100.”

It was an outrage. The food consumption had increased and so had the price. The lady buying the package wasn’t in a mood of argument. She quietly paid the shopkeeper and returned home.

The Clintson house was being decorated like a bride. Children of the household were running up and down the stairs expressing their joy. Their grandfather looked like he had won a lottery and showed his happiness by dancing with the children’s grandmother. It was a moment of celebration because the father of the children, Mr. Kenneth Clintson had woken up from coma after 19 years. Kenneth’s two kids Jimmy and Martha sat beside him, questioning him on his dreams. Kenneth had entered coma right after Mrs. Helena Clinton’s pregnancy but she suffered a miscarriage. Jimmy and Martha were adopted and had just arrived at the household, a week earlier. Kenneth had been foretold about the children by his father.

Helena soon entered the house carrying the package and other groceries. She was extremely happy to see her husband awake. Tears of joy were not stopping from her eyes. After some time everyone calmed their nerves and Helena brought out her trademark dish, ‘Finger Sandwiches’.

Kenneth – “Honey, your recipe is still delicious. It felt like I was going to eat my own fingers with these sandwiches.”

Helena – “It’s a good thing you didn’t. You have already consumed someone else’s fingers. Weren’t they tasty? I will try making these with black skinned fingers next time.”

Kenneth – “You fed me somebody’s fingers….What’s wrong with you? The kids…They…They..My father and mother…You…Who did you kill? Where did you bury his or her body?

Kenneth’s father calmed him down and they explained to him that the world had changed, cannibalism had been legalized. The benefits of human meat were discovered to be beneficial for humans. Scientists were arguing about some eternal youth crap. It seemed crazy at first but after a while people have become habitat to this environment. Vending machines are filled with human body parts, organs, etc. If you have a craving for some foreign meat, you can ship it all over the world. Human meats from Africa, China, India.

Kenneth – “Where do you get the meat from? Who is killed for this meat?”

Grandpa Clintson – “Only the criminals.”

Kenneth – “But what will happen if all of the criminals have been butchered? What happens then? Do we start killing each other? Has the foundation of society been brought up to this level…The level of flesh thirsty maniacs?”

Kenneth was given a dose of sedatives so he could rest his coma off. The rest of the family were sure that he would adapt to this.

Morning came and Helena got up to prepare breakfast. She was walking towards the kitchen when she noticed her husband sitting on the dining table holding a gun, aimed at his heart and constantly pressing the trigger. Click, Click, Click, Click, the gun made the sound.

Helena – “Ken honey, what are you doing?”

Kenneth – “Curing an itch. You think I will become a part of this sick family. Oh honey we will all go to park with our picnic basket full of gall bladder chips. I’m just a happy, jolly camper, ready to jump in this demented family. Enough of your freak show.”

Kenneth started loading his gun with bullets. He aimed it at his wife. But before he could pull the trigger, Grandpa Clintson’s stick knocked out Kenneth.

Grandpa Clintson – “Son of a bitch. He was always the runt of our family.”

It was dinner time. Helena had again made her special finger sandwiches but this time Grandma had helped her. Not just that, the dinner table was full of leg piece, eye ball soup, trachea noodles, etc. Grandpa was happy, he got Kenneth’s head.

Jimmy – “Mommy. Daddy’s fingers taste good.”

Helena – “Eat up sweetie! He’s all ours now.”

Grandpa Clintson – “Not so talkative now…Are you boy?”

Grandma Clintson – “Please dear. No talking while eating.”

Director00 –“Phew! The Clintsons sure know how to cook a good meal. Damn! I’m hungry now. Let’s move onto our drawing room victim.”

The Directors eyes started focusing on the camera screen showing the drawing room view. The room had a sofa cushion, there were two black loudspeakers in separate corners. And a large Jack in the Box toy placed on the wooden floor. Nitik was sitting on the sofa.

Director00 – “And it begins….”

Kaya – “Who is his killer?”

Director00 – “The room!”

The Director pressed a red button releasing hallucinogen gas in the room.

Victim # 2 – Nitik

Nitik’s Story – F***ed up HallucinationsssssssSSSSSSSSSSssssssssss

The gas entered Nitik’s body and the hallucinations began. The cables from the loudspeaker extended and started wrapping around Nitik’s body. Nitik exerted full strength and pulled his body away from the wires, breaking their connection with the loudspeaker. Before he could do anything else, the Jack in the Box toy’s lever clicked pulling out the clown toy that was attacked to the box via spring.

Jack’s spring coils deattached from the base and started wrapping around Nitik’s arms and legs.

Nitk – “What the f**k is this shit?”

Before he could do anything, the spring coils had entered Nitk’s skin. Jack’s grip loosened and he went back in the box, the box disappeared.

Nitik – “This shit is tight bro. I didn’t know being in a film could be so much fun.”
The fun has just started.”

Nitik – “Who said that? Come out you cocksucker?”

The wall behind the sofa started changing into a big projector screen and the light of the rooms went out, starting a porn film. The springy coils that had been sucked into Nitik’s skin started joining together and crawled from Nitik’s legs to his arms, making a hole in his hand and a snake like creature formed out of springs appeared.

“Let’s get high!”

The snake bit Nitik filling his body with a lethal dose of euphoria. And euphoria it was. The film’s screen war burning down. Bows were coming out of walls shooting X’s at Nitik, sticking letter X sticker all over his body. A bath tub was emerging in the center of the room filled with blue liquid. Nitik was sitting in the tub cuasing the blue liquid to ooze out of his X’s which had created pores in his body. The leaking blue fluid started flushing down a big sinkhole from which three Asian women appeared dressed in police cum lingerie uniforms.

“We are the Tokyo Lingerie Police. And you have been a very bad – bad boy. Girls bring out the chain.”

Nitik – “In eternal words of Rihanna, “Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but Chains & Whips excite me”. Tie me up baby…..And in other eternal words of Lady Gaga, “Start taking a ride on my dick…er disco stick”.

Chains appeared from ground and tied around on Nitik’s arms and legs. Now he was accompanied by three ladies while the liquid. The strip show began. Nitik’s heartbeat started elevating. And suddenly during his climax the girls ripped apart their skins and their skeletons fell apart. Still tied to the chains, the room temperature started heating up. The floor started breaking down and the bath tub started falling in a bottomless pit. The bath tub reached the gates of hell where Satan himself greeted Nitik.

Satan – “Ready to enter paradise?”

Nitik – “I have literally been mind f***ed.”

In reality the hallucinogens had resulted in Nitik suffering a cardiac arrest. His body rested on floor while the Director and his wife stared at the screen.

Director00 – “That was a wicked acid trip. Now without further delay, the final segment…..”

Segment 3 – Twin Trouble

Youdhveer Singh asmanjas mein doobe chat par chahal kadmi kar rahe the. Nainavasi village ke yuva leader, Youdhveer Ji poore ilaake mein bahut popular the. Abhi unhe Nainavasi Youth Party join kiye huye ek mahina hi huya tha, lekin unki popularity ne unhe Party ke member se uske leader mein tabdeel kar diya tha. Unki popularity ka reason tha unke Bollywood films mein nibhaye role. Ab tak Youdhveer Singh Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Sunil Shetty, Sunny Deol type kai heroes ki films mein ek Extra ka role kar chuke the. Ek baar to unhe Chunky Pandey ka stunt double banne ka bhi mauka mila tha. Par aaj unki tension ki problem thi unka twin brother, Shoorveer Singh. Shoorveer Singh ki shaadi pakki ho gayi thi.

Youdhveer Singh ke dost Ankur unse milne aaye.  Ankur jokie unhi ke Party mein voting, funds, etc. type duties sambhalte the, who bhi apne dost ko iss haal mein dekh khud nervous ho gaye.

Ankur – “Kya huya Youdhveer Ji? Kaun si vipada aan padi aap pe?”

Youdhveer – “Hume Shoorveer ko maarna hai. Usse humara judwaa bhai hone ka full profit mil raha hai. Ladki ne pyaar kiya humse, shaadi woh kar raha hai. Bachpan se lekar ab tak bahut ban liya who Rowdy Rathore. Ab to jail hi kyun na jaana pade uss kamine ki botiyan uski dulhan ki jholi mein bhar kar hi dum lunga.”

Ankur ke sujhav par Youdhveer Ji ne apne brother ko sedatives dekar behosh kar diya aur usse utha kar Kaale Tantrik ke paas le aaye.

Youdhveer – “Hum chahte hain aap humare bhai ki aatma iss bakre mein transfer kar dein.”

Horror Films ke deevane Youdhveer Ji par lagatar films dekhne ka gehra asar pada tha. Tantrik ne unki baat maan li. Youdhveer Ji ne phir Shoorveer ki body ko shamshan mein dafna diya aur apne bakre ko lekar ghar aa gaye.

Youdhveer – “Aaj se hum Youdhveer aur aap humare Warrior Bakre.”

Youdhveer Singh neend mein apni victory ke khatarnak sapne dekh rahe the. Agle haft unki shaadi hogi phir baraat mein woh ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ bajwa kar sabko nachayenge. Unka sapna toota jab Warrior Bakra (Shoorveer) Baaaaaannnn – Baaaaaaannnn karne laga.

Youdhveer – “Chup ho jaayo nahi to jharne ke neeche le jaa tumhara leg piece kaat lenge.”

Ab bakra bhi unka bhai tha, aise kaise chup kar jaata. Jaise – Taise subhay aayi aur Youdhveer breakfast karne dining table par pahunche. Aaj to bahut special din tha kyunki Once Upon A Time Mumbaii 2, Nainavasi mein dikhayi jaani thi aur khud Akshay Kumar wahan logon ka utsah badhane pahunchne aur apni agli film ki shooting ke liye pahunchne waale the. Lekin ab ki baar Youdhveer Ji ko Extra ki jagah ek supporting role mil gaya tha.

Apne khyaalon ki duniya se bahar aa kar Youdhveer Ji ne dekha ki unke saamne koi newspaper lekar baitha hai, chehra papers ne chipaya huya. Unke Parents to Delhi gaye huye the. Phir…….Jhat se newspaper neeche huya aur Youdhveer ke saamne baitha unka bakra bol utha.

Bakra – “Sir, please eat your breakfast. Very fresh and meaty GOAT MEAT…..”

Bakre ko insaani bhasha bolte dekh Youdhveer Ji ke hosh faakhta ho gaye. Bakre ke darr se unhone ek nivala khaa liya. Agle hi pal Youdhveer ke shareer mein ajab hulchul hone lagi. Unke hath – pair suj gaye. Munh ko faad kar kuch nukeeli cheez bahar aane lagi. Gaalon ko faad kar bahar nikal rahe the seengh. Yeh bakre ke seengh the.  Bakre ka chehra Youdhveer ke munh mein se bahar aa gaya. Dekhte hi dekhte bakre ki taangein aur poora bakra munh mein se nikal aaya. Youdhveer ka munh aadha cheera jaa chuka tha.

Youdhveer bahar ki taraf bhaage. Bahar koi ghar nahi, imaraton ke naamo – nishaan tak mit chuke the. Poora Nainavasi ek bhavya maidan ban chukka tha jahan par croron bakre – bakriyan ghaas char rahe the. Sab Youdhveer ki taraf ghoorne lage. Youdhveer ka Warrior bakra bhi bahar aa gaya.

Bakra – “Join the Revolution Bro. Become a part of us.”

Ghabraye Youdhveer idhar – udhar bhaagne lage. Par woh bakre se jitni door bhaagte, ghum – phir kar waapis ussi jagah aa jaate. Khoon ki laali Youdhveer ke poore chehre par gulaal ki tarah chamak rahi thi. Unhe yeh andaza nahi ho raha tha ki woh circles mein bhaag rahe hain. Jaise hi Youdhveer waapis pahunche, bakre ne unke chehre ko kaat liya. Dard se tadap uthe the Youdhveer.

Youdhveer – “Yeh humko kya ho raha hai. Humari taangon aurbaahon par yeh khaal kyun ubhar rahi hai. Humare daant…Jeebh..Aur yeh sar par yeh nukeela sa kya hai.”

Bakra – “Yeh aapki final transformation hai. Iske baad bhi agar pagal khaane ki zarurat pade to yeh yaad rakhiyega ki wahan par bhi bakre hi milenge…”

Youdhveer ek bakra ban chuke the. Bhaag kar woh jhund mein shaamil ho gaye.

Bakra – “Ab Shoorveer – Youdhveer saath – saath rahenge. Ho gaya gareebon ka kalyan.”

------------------------------- (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) ----------------------------------

Victim # 3 - ????

????’s Story -  Nazi Demon and a cocktail of an affair.

The door opened and a grotesque looking man entered. His face was covered with scars and he was wearing a jacket. The victim sat on the floor, hands tied with a tea cosy covering his face. The man who can be labelled as a demon removed the tea cosy. Watching the screen, fear grasped Kaya’s face. Her fingers clenched onto the edge of the chair.

Director00 – “What’s wrong?”

The blade swiftly cut through the fabrics of the rope, untying the victim. He looked at his executioner. The demon smiled and dropped his jacket. The demons body was protruded at several places with guns, knives, swords, daggers, and body parts.

Director00 – “For the sake of this film we will name our victim Mish and his rival as Nizi the Demon.”

Mish – “Oh my God. I was not told about this…..”

Mish started screaming at the camera.

Mish – “…….PLEASE LET ME OUT….This is too messed up for me….”

Nizi – “Silence in the operation room. Nizi the doctor will see you now.”

Nizi’s naked body stood against Mish.

Nizi – “Pick your weapon boy.”

Confused Mish looked at Nizi’s arms where knives were stuck making an outline. His chest had a shotgun protruding towards the anterior side. Mish quickly pulled out a small sword from Nizi’s skull and with a quick strike chopped Nizi’s head off.

Before Mish could do anything else, Nizi’s torso started getting up, his hands picked up his head and ripped apart a screwdriver from his right thigh and screwed it back. Nizi then took the shotgun out of his chest and shot Mish in his chest blowing a hole out of his back. Mish got back up, the shotgun had missed all of his vital organs. He stood there with a gaping see through hole in his chest staring at Nizi.

Nizi – “You lucky bastard!”

Another shotgun shell cleanly took away Mish’s jaw covering the already bloody floor with bones, and parts of ligaments. Nizi couldn’t believe it, Mish still got back up.

Nizi – “I have had it with this video game respawn shit.”

The next shotgun strike opened up Mish’s skull spilling his brain on the floor. Mish’s body was down on the floor, his eyes staring at his brain.

Nizi – “FATALITY!”

Nizi was staring at the camera, Director00 was staring at Kaya staring at Mish’s dead body. She ran outside, got into the car and put the keys in. The fuel tank was empty. Director00 walked towards the car, his hands were holding some sort of rope.

Kaya – “What…What are you doing?”

Director00 – “I’m planning to kill you. A snuff can’t be a snuff if my heroine doesn’t die. And today’s your big break baby.”

He broke the car’s window and dragged her back inside.

Director00 – “This is a noose made out of your F***er’s intestines. I just went inside and disemboweled Mish.”

The intestinal noose was placed around Kaya’s neck with the other end going over a steel truss into Director00’s hands.

Director00 – “F**k me by f***ing him. Have an affair…You stupid ugly bitch, I’m going to hang you with your lover’s intestines then play around with your blood. I’m going to cut your dead body into pieces. I will make a wig out of your hair and wear it. Your skin is going to be my sofa cover. Oh I almost forgot. There can’t be a movie without a nifty soundtrack. For this last death scene Mr. Justin Bieber’s, “As Long As You Love Me” will be the last sound your ears will ever hear.”

As Long As You Love Me started playing through the speakers installed by the Director. His grip tightened and Kaya’s body was lifted off the ground.

“We both know it's a cruel world
But I will take my chances”

Director00 – “Stupid bitch. Die you ugly whore.”

“We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke.”

Director00 – “Break me down huh…I’m tearing you apart right now. How does that feel?”

“I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold.”

Kaya had stopped struggling, her body was swinging in the air. The Director fixed his hair, looked at Kaya and started taunting her.

Director00 – “How’s it hanging Kaya? Enjoying the top view?”

The Director was about to let go off the intestine, but suddenly a knife pierced his left eye. He looked back and his right eye saw the final scene: Nizi’s hands ripping his body into shreds. The zombies arrived a bit late, they just got leftovers.

------------------------------ (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) -------------------------------------

Lost contact with #19927. #89921 has also been terminated.

The watchers turned their recording devices off. The room was full of bodies contained within liquid filled chambers. Some of them were testing some brains. A creature carrying 
 two chambers appeared.

Alien 1 - “Which specimens are these?”

Alien 2 - “#47012 and #65020. The ones who became aware of our existence. The meat who just killed his partner was enjoyable. We had to exert minimum control over him. The rest of anger was fueled by his partner’s relationship with the black meat. We will reprogram his brain and remove his memories. We will send him back. This time under our full control.”

Alien 1 - “Stupid pieces of meat. How long till we can control all of them?”


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